The Demolition Derby That Saves The Environment

Who would have thought? What a neat surprise! This is for all the guys who, one way or another, have been fascinated by those smash-em, crash-em derbies of back in the day. Still happening today, but who’s got the time. At least though, if there’s any guys out there who have got growing lads they’ll be making plans to take them out to the demolition derby someday to get the same experience that they once got as kids.

For those that didn’t click, the demolition derby is a ceremonial name given to a local stock car racing event. It is like showjumping or horse racing events in and around county fairs. All the farmers and breeders club together once a year or so. They meet and greet. Talk shop, talk about the weather, and compare notes. That sort of thing. But not so much in the concrete jungle. And in and around this jungle, you’ve got a better than even chance of locating a demolition services chicago il depot.

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Because out there in the concrete jungle, there’s more junk than you can ever imagine. The guys that organize the stock car racing events may be regular patrons of the junk yard. Sometimes they’ll be hanging around to see what cars are being brought in and can be salvaged and souped up for their big event. And once that’s all done, the racers can have-em, drive-em, and smash them all as much as they like.

Isn’t that what they always say? Smash them to smithereens? Or are they referring to glass? Anyhow, that gets recycled too. Stock car racing sounds, yep, you really will hear it, like a neat and fun way to do a bit of cleaning up for the environment.

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